12 Cocktails to Drink in Charleston Right Now (5.18.15)

Charleston is a social city. Rare is there a night where the bars are not filled with imbibers who are buckled up to the bar, ready to enjoy a nice evening filled with some tasty cocktails. Just as the city is home to some of the country’s best restaurants, it, too, has its fill of amazing, top-rated bars and bartenders. For those unsure of where to go, we have selected the must-drink cocktails found in the city right now: ...read more


Critic’s picks: Charleston’s Hot Restaurants (5.17.15)

Have you checked out some of Charleston’s hottest restaurants lates? Some picks by Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post, who wrote about the culinary scene earlier this spring.

The most famous restaurant in the city, from the esteemed Sean Brock, a son of Virginia who first made a name for himself at McCrady’s. Southern comfort can be found in pig ear lettuce wraps, pimento cheese crostini, “real” corn bread, and shrimp and grits. ...read more


Where to Drink Seventy-Year-Old Whiskey (3.31.15)

Even thirty years ago, bourbon was better than it is today. Grains soaked and fermented in water that came from wells, not municipal water supplies. Ancient oaks supplied the wood for the air-dried barrels that held and mellowed corn spirits. Low demand kept most whiskeys small-batch, and distillers who spent two or three decades at their posts had time to refine and adjust their recipes. Until recently, only the most devoted collectors could sample the majority of those antique spirits before they vanished for good. ...read more


Southern Chefs to Know (3.30.15)

If the South's crops were to (heaven forfend!) disappear overnight, all eyes would turn to Sean Brock to replenish them. The Appalachian-raised chef and author has made it his life's work to exalt the heirloom foods that make Southern cuisine so special and distance it from the decades when inferior ingredients threatened to dumb it down. Not only do both Husk restaurants serve only products from the region, Brock has a personal collection of seeds that includes 300 varieties of corn, 500 kinds of beans and much more. 2014's Heritage doubled as both cookbook and a manifesto for cultural preservation by way of mouth. ...read more


The Best Places to Drink in Charleston (3.30.15)

The name is no accident. Drinks at Husk, Sean Brock's salute to the South and its indigenous ingredients, are served in a freestanding brick building that ably evokes centuries past with its compact dimensions and dark wooden fixtures. The gaslight vibe is strengthened by a cocktail list that leans heavily on brown liquor (it has Charleston's largest bourbon list) ...read more


100 Top Restaurants (3.30.15)

‘If it doesn’t come from the south, it’s not coming through the door,’ says Chef Sean Brock of Husk.

This restaurant, located within the historic town of Charleston, celebrates Southern cuisine like no other. It is situated within a building dating back to the 19th century, boasting a rustic wall of firewood creating a warm and comforting ambience.

Inspired by his childhood, Brock has fulfilled his mission to create the perfect burger with a twist, made up of two steak and bacon patties, bread and butter pickles, white onion, American cheese and a potato hamburger roll. ...read more


Flash Gives Way to Elegance at McCrady's in Charleston (3.26.15)

What would the founding fathers have made of bacon cotton candy? That kind of question hovered like a smokehouse haze over the sumptuous dining room of McCrady’s circa 2006, when Sean Brock took over as the restaurant’s executive chef. He brought modernist gadgets and obsessions, his calling cards from that era of his career, to a building with over two centuries of history in Charleston. Edward McCrady completed the construction of his tavern in 1778; George Washington reportedly drank his fill of ale in its second-floor banquet room. The structure, with its entrance just steps down a cobblestone alley off of East Bay Street, fell into disuse over the years and languished until a restoration in the 1980s. ...read more


Charleston, South Carolina (3.13.15)

Crowned the Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appétit in 2011, Sean Brock’s Husk continues to serve up the finest ingredients grown in the South, preparing traditional local dishes with utter originality. Husk is really worth the hype; it’s a good example of a much-discussed eatery living up to its reputation. ...read more


Why Small Cities Are the Best Places to Eat in America (3.13.15)

NOT CURIOSITY, not caution, but anger and dismay: That’s what other New Yorkers expressed when I told them I was moving away. And the reason, hilariously, was food. “You’ll starve out there,” I was told. “Out there,” of course, meant “everywhere else.” No doubt San Franciscans give their apostates similarly dire warnings, and Chicagoans, too. ...read more


Recipe: Grouper with Pan-Roasted and Pickled Butternut Squash (3.12.15)

Sean Brock, partner and chef of McCrady’s Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, has received national recognition for his craftsmanship and for his investment in serving only the freshest cuisine to the restaurant’s hungry patrons. Here we have Brock’s recipe for Grouper with Pan-Roasted and Pickled Butternut Squash, offering a brief glimpse into his creative genius. ...read more


Restaurants Under the Radar (3.1.15)

What more is there to say about celebrity chef Sean Brock? Lots, actually. His latest hotspot, Minero, is a casual eatery serving authentic Mexican food at affordable prices. Start out with the Chips and Three Salsas - the chips are handmade and arrive at the table in a cozy little pocket0 and don't miss the Charcoaled Chicken Taco. ...read more


Charleston Now (3.1.15)

With a fresh crop of new hot spots, it's never been a better time to visit the holy city.

...read more


The Review: Minero (3.1.15)

Minero opened to more buzz than a tattoo parlor, and surely more ink. Five months in, it’d be a safe bet for chef/partner Sean Brock to add a tat referencing the quirky cantina (the Mexican wrestling mask that graces the eatery’s coasters, perhaps?) to the already colorful canvas of his flesh. Like the art on his arms, Minero is here to stay.

Named after the Spanish word for miners, who coined the word “taco” for the hand-rolled explosives used for creating tunnels, Minero is Mexican fare done Brock’s way. It is studied simplicity combined with provenance, creativity, reinvention, and just plain fun. In other words, it’s culinary dynamite. ...read more


Sean Brock of Husk (3.1.15)

Chef Sean Brock took the city by storm when he opened his restaurant Husk (sister to Husk in Charleston) in Nashville. No one had tasted turnips, greens or butter beans cooked to silky gorgeousness quite the way Brock did. Brock’s vegetable plate is not so much “digging into” food, as it is “dining” food. But delicious it is. With the utmost respect for southern ingredients straight from the grower, be it fish, vegetables or grain, Brock brought southern food to a new level. So it was only natural that he follow that restaurant success with a tome to celebrate and document it. ...read more



After we tried to figure out the best pizza in every state, it was inevitable that burgers would be next. After all, we spend much of our year consuming them for our 33 best/personal satisfaction. So, over the course of the last three months, we’ve set about researching, eating, and fighting about everything from pork belly pastrami-covered burgers in Pennsylvania, to griddled patties in Indiana, to quite possibly the best damn bar burger in Minnesota. ...read more


Unearthing America's truffle trove (2.27.15)

Jim Sanford and his dog Tom poked around the hazelnut grove on Blackberry Farm, a 9,200-acre luxury resort set in the foggy foothills of Tennessee, one Wednesday morning in December.

They were on the hunt again, though not for deer or waterfowl or the usual Tennessee fare.

The man and his curly-haired dog were searching for something fancier: Tuber melanosporum or black Périgord truffles. ...read more


How McCrady's sommelier Cappie Peete's passion for wine led her to mezcal and more (2.25.15)

As the sommelier of McCrady's, a typical afternoon involves many activities: ordering, stocking, and editing the wine list to start. But my most important task is, of course, choosing the wines to accompany dishes. For any dish, selecting a wine takes careful selection, but imagine trying to pick a pairing for one of Chef de Cuisine Daniel Heinze's amazing dishes. It's a daily challenge. ...read more


Mezcal finally gets its day in the sun (2.25.15)

Back in 2013, we talked all things tequila with Gustavo Arellano, the editor of the OC Weekly and the man behind the "¡Ask a Mexican!" syndicated column. A student of Mexican spirits, he was surprised that mezcal — the equivalent of agave moonshine ­— was coming into vogue.

"Mezcal is the new tequila," Arellano told me. "It's as if white dog all of a sudden became trendy. Even with corn whiskey or moonshine, it was looked down upon. Mezcal was even lower than that. Not even the good old boys of Mexico would make it. It was the province of the drunkest of the drunks." ...read more


Charleston supplies 11 semi-finalists for James Beard awards (2.25.15)

Charleston last week scored a record 11 mentions on the James Beard Foundation Awards’ semifinalist list, putting it in the company of cities such as New Orleans, which racked up 12 representatives.

Since supplying just two semifinalists in 2010, including Best Chef-Southeast award winner Sean Brock, Charleston has annually provided the prestigious competition with five or six semifinalists. ...read more


Meet the James Beard Nominees (2.18.15)

Oscars? What Oscars?

The food industry's award season is officially underway with today's announcement of the semifinalists in the 2015 James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards. Congratulations to all of the nominees. ...read more


A Better, Truer, More Southern Way to Make Grits (2.18.15)

I’d be wise to trust a chef with three restaurants, a marquis spot on an Emmy award-winning show about food, and a glossy, celebrated new book. But when he starts asking a lot of me for only a simple bowl of grits, I start to reflexively push back. You want me to pay attention to the amount of time the corn spends drying in the field, Brock?

The answer is yes, because the dryness of the corn will affect the cooking time. He’d also say that in order to deduce how much water and butter to add to my grits, I must understand the starch and sugar content of my corn. ...read more


CHEF TO CHEF (2.16.15)

Sean BrSean Brockock [SB] / I came to Blackberry Farm [where Fleer was executive chef for fourteen years] and applied for a job in 1999 or 2000. I remember sitting there in the office. That’s about as nervous as I’ve ever been.

John Fleer [JF] / I didn’t give you a job. And you went off and became an incredible chef on your own. So I think that was probably a good thing. ...read more


High-end eateries play with fire (2.13.15)

As much as chefs love experimenting with the latest tech-driven cooking techniques, mastering one that has been around since the dawn of civilization is making a comeback: playing with fire.
Wood fire cooking appeals to chefs craving a more direct connection between them, their ingredients and their devices. The technique is also a way to understand an ancient cooking style. While hard to master, it also provides a depth of flavor that’s hard to achieve using other cooking styles. ...read more



Tucked-away roadside stands, no-frills decor, carefully-guarded recipes—we’re used to thinking of fried chicken in a very specific context, steeped in rural tradition and Americana lore. And while in many ways this image still holds true, fried chicken’s influence has outgrown its humble beginnings, gaining a steady national following in the process. It looks like America has fallen in love with the gold-crusted bird all over again. ...read more


The best restaurant in every state (2.11.15)

Good food is everywhere, but some restaurants truly stand out as great.
To find the best restaurant each state has to offer, we sifted through our list of the Best Restaurants in America, The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants in America list, James Beard award nominations, expert reviews, and local recommendations, paying particular attention to fine-dining establishments. ...read more


Here's Why Obama Needs To Visit These Final 3 States (2.9.15)

President Barack Obama is on the verge of visiting all 50 states in his official capacity. But first, he has to make it to South Carolina, Utah and South Dakota. (Note: He has been to these states while on the campaign trail, but not for a presidential visit.) ...read more


Sean Brock’s Southern Grits (2.4.15)

This recipe is from Sean Brock’s Heritage. He calls for fancy grits (and recommends Anson Mills Antebellum Coarse Grits), but I’ve used whatever I’ve had in my pantry, and his method still works magic. The important part is that you soak the grits and season with a light hand — and if you can find them, use fresh bay. ...read more


15 Favorite Casual Small Bites and Snacks in Charleston (2.4.15)

The task of selecting some of the city’s top dishes was challenging, but we narrowed it down to a few delicious contenders. Here are our recommendations for some perfect quick bites to be found in Charleston: ...read more


Buzz Worthy (2.1.15)

Later this month, about 600 wine lovers will spend a weekend swirling their way through Pairings, a three-day wine and dining event put on by the Nashville Wine Auction. Now in its third year, Pairings is the organization’s more approachable (read: skewed younger) sister event to its annual l’Eté du Vin. ...read more


Nashville Scene: Cocktailing in Music City (2.1.15)

Grabbing a drink in Nashville can involve throwing back a few beers at a crowded honky-tonk while listening to a live country band that may be the Next Big Thing. But Nashville is also home to a growing number of bars and restaurants with seriously impressive craft cocktail programs. Here are a few that embrace their Southern roots while incorporating modern and seasonal ingredients, trends and techniques. ...read more


The 13 Best Restaurants in the South (2.1.15)

There is no better region to eat in than the South. Am I biased? Yes. Do I care? No. And you won’t either once you see what these hyper-talented, uber-creative chefs are doing all over the South, from reinventing Southern cuisine in Charleston to recreating the entire dining experience in Atlanta and re-establishing Oxford as ...read more


South’s Best Cornbread (1.30.15)

Cornbread, buttermilk, egg, and Benton’s bacon come together to make the ultimate Southern cornbread at the Charleston location of Husk. Straight out of the wood-burning over, the still-piping host cast-iron skillet is brought to the table with a cloth-wrapped handle and a side of honeyed pork butter to accompany it. ...read more


Guacamole, pimento cheese and more great Super Bowl dips from around the USA (1.29.15)

Whether you're a football fan or watch for the commercials, no Super Bowl spread is complete without the perfect dip. From pimento cheese, a Southern staple, to a secretly healthy cookie dough dip from the Midwest, these recipes from Edible magazines across the country will take your big game menu to a whole new level.

Pimiento cheese is a southern staple, and the source of many a kitchen table scuffle. Southerners slather it on everything from celery stalks to saltine crackers, and some won’t even consider eating a burger without it. This dip recipe from Sean Brock of Husk fame crosses boundaries from home cooks to chefs. ...read more


50 People Who Are Changing the South in 2015 (1.23.15)

It’s true, we give Sean Brock a lot of love at SL, but it’s for good reason. The chef behind critically acclaimed restaurants Husk and McCrady’s has become the poster-boy for modern Southern food thanks to his fervent dedication to authentic, locally sourced fare. Last year, the Virginia native released his first cookbook, Heritage—333 pages dedicated to his obsession with Southern foodways. And because the modern South is about so much more than heirloom beans and fried chicken—it reflects the cultural influence of newcomers to the community—last year Sean opened Minero, a thoughtful take on Mexican street food. In April, he plans to open Minero’s second location in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market. ...read more


Sean Brock on his Cracklin’ Cornbread, where the South comes together in a skillet (1.22.15)

To Sean Brock, corn bread is the simplest thing in the world. And the most complicated.

At its essence — especially if you make it the traditional way, as he does — it is a mere handful of ingredients: cornmeal, buttermilk, bacon, egg, leaveners, salt. But much more than that goes into it. When Brock visited Washington in November to promote his new book, “Heritage” (Artisan, 2014), he made a batch of corn bread for a PostTV video shoot in my kitchen and talked about not just how his own recipe comes together, but why it’s his favorite representation of Southern cooking — and what those ingredients really represent. ...read more


Travis Grimes takes over as executive chef of Husk (1.16.15)

After years working as local celebuchef Sean Brock's second in command, Travis Grimes is finally stepping into the lead role at Husk. Today, the Neighborhood Dining Group announced that Grimes had been promoted to executive chef of Husk, the place he's called his culinary home since the celebrated terroir-centric Southern eatery opened in 2010. Prior to that, he worked with Brock at Husk's sister restaurant McCrady's. ...read more


Atlanta's Most Earth Shattering Restaurant Openings (1.13.15)

Plenty of Atlanta publications have been covering the exciting new eats coming to town this year (take a look at Atlanta Magazine’s list, as well as Eater’s and Zagat’s). And while these comprehensive lists are incredibly beneficial—not to mention a promising sign of the city’s dining scene expansion—equally important is it to look at those restaurants that are truly going to change Atlanta’s culinary landscape. ...read more


On Our Radar in 2015 (1.13.15)

Chefs are turning masa into the freshest tortillas at new Mexican restaurants like Empellon al Pastor in New York City; Minero in Charleston, South Carolina; and Cantina Leña in Seattle. ...read more


The Foodist 2015 Trend Edition (1.13.15)

When I used to ask chefs where they were dying to eat, it would be Barcelona or Copenhagen. Now the answer is invariably Mexico. Their discoveries are tomorrow's dinners, which means lots of newfangled and classic tacos like these: ...read more


Where to Eat in 2015 (1.8.15)

Chef Sean Brock insists on heritage pig breeds, dotes on the charcuterie aging in closets at his restaurants, and fries chicken in a meaty mélange that includes bacon fat and rendered country ham. But notice the garden patch of vegetable tattoos running the length of his left arm: He’s as invested in flora as he is in fauna, and the daily-changing menus at his restaurants venerate the region’s abundance. ...read more


The Most Hotly Anticipated Atlanta Restaurants of 2015 (1.5.15)

Now that Krog Street Market is (mostly) up and running, PCM's the next big milestone in Atlantan development. The massive residential and commercial space will house a food hall and restaurants that will open starting this spring and be staggered throughout the year. Highlights include a new spot from chef Hector Santiago, an ATL outpost of Minero (Charleston chef Sean Brock's Mexican restaurant), an H&F Burger location and a seafood-focused eatery from Anne Quatrano, among others. ...read more


Latin American Cuisine Takes Center Stage in 2015 (1.1.15)

It was another amazing year on the local beat in 2014 as well as the national stage for Latin American cuisine, from the stampede of top chefs like New York’s Danny Bowien and Charleston’s Sean Brock developing Mexican-inspired concepts to the surge of regional Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles to the rise of Alta California cuisine by the likes of chefs Wes Avila, Carlos Salgado, and Eduardo Ruiz. Then there’s New York’s Cosme by Mexico’s most celebrated chef, Enrique Olvera—this is the most important thing that’s ever happened to Mexican cuisine in the United States. ...read more


13 Food World Predictions for 2015 From Andrew Knowlton (12.30.14)

What will we be eating, drinking, and carrying on about over the next 365 days? Restaurant and drinks editor Andrew Knowlton consults his crystal (high) ball: ...read more


15 destinations for travelers to set their sights on in 2015 (12.27.14)

As 2014 slips into history, these 15 destinations look better and better.
Some are nations, some are stations, some are cities and one is a mere neighborhood.
But in just about every case, there's something particularly compelling about them right now. ...read more


Sean Brock serves fried chicken and gravy on THE Dish (12.20.14)

Sean Brock was born and raised in a small town in rural Virginia. The town had no restaurants or streetlights, but it's there that Brock learned to appreciate food and cooking from an early age, watching his family grow their own food. ...read more


10 Best Restaurants in Charleston (12.12.14)

Charleston, South Carolina is an undeniably great food town. It’s the home base of classic southern Lowcountry cuisine, with its abundance of seafood and stews, and has also become the base of operations for some of the country’s leading chefs, like Sean Brock and Mike Lata, who are elevating Southern cuisine to new heights. ...read more


Cooking: Cal Peternell's 'Twelve Recipes,' and More (12.05.14)

Another year, another mountain of cookbooks. But as always, they can be divided into two piles: for actual, and for aspirational, forays into the kitchen. Here are some of the best of both. ...read more


A Tale of Two Husks: How Sean Brock's Sister Spots Stack Up (12.04.14)

Husk in Charleston is now as much an emblem as a restaurant. Open since 2010, it quickly came to symbolize all the "re" words ascribed to Southern food's ascendance over the last decade: revival, relish, reclamation, refinement, and even (in backlash to the cuisine's perceived overexposure) rejection. ...read more


Review: Minero Is Sean Brock’s New Shrine to Mexican Food in Charleston (11.25.14)

As "Tequila Sunrise" starts to play, you will naturally start to wonder where things went wrong. How did you end up listening to the Eagles at a sticky table, sipping your second margarita from a dinky plastic cup? Luckily at Minero, Sean Brock’s new Mexican restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, the pozole arrives quickly. There is no time to wallow ...read more


The 2014 Eater Award Winners From Coast to Coast (11.17.14)

It is time now—drumroll, trumpets, gongs—to announce the winners of the 2014 Eater Awards. In over a dozen categories in 24 cities, the winners comprise a diverse group of the finest and most interesting chefs, operators, and characters in the continent that have defined this year in dining. We applaud them. You are hereby instructed to applaud them ...read more


Eat Like a Local: Charleston, South Carolina (11.10.14)

Looking for the best food scene in the South? Try Charleston, South Carolina. From tried-and-true establishments serving low-country staples to newcomers touting local ingredient-driven cuisine, Charleston offers as many mouthwatering meals as it does churches (it’s nicknamed the Holy City for the many steeples dotting downtown’s skyline) ...read more


HERITAGE by Sean Brock available now from Artisan Books (10.21.14)

Chef Sean Brock’s drive to preserve and reinterpret America’s heritage foods has sparked a national obsession. In Chef Brock’s much-anticipated first cookbook, this James Beard Award-winning chef presents all of the sublime dishes that have made him one of our country’s most acclaimed chefs ...read more


Chef Sean Brock Eats Bologna in Nashville and Blood Sausage in New York (10.17.14)

Famed chef Sean Brock — who runs McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as the Husk in Nashville — typically maintains what you might call a properly Southern diet: mashed potatoes, corn pudding, hot chicken, sweet tea, biscuits with breakfast sausage, and lots of hyperlocal produce. ...read more


From humble ingredients to his love of Valentina hot sauce, Sean Brock gives an inside look at Minero (10.16.14)

There’s a simple reason why Sean Brock decided to open a taco joint: he wanted to eat good tacos. ...read more



Every good restaurant claims to be all about the ingredients; Husk Nashville really is. Like its Charleston parent, its attitude toward things like oysters and tomatoes is reverential almost to the point of mysticism, and chef Sean Brock gets more focused all the time. ...read more


Quick Bite:15 Minutes with Sean Brock (10.9.14)

We caught up with the super-busy chef—who this month opens Minero, a taqueria on East Bay Street—about his new cookbook, his latest tattoos, and how he unwinds ...read more


How Sean Brock Makes Pimento Cheese (10.2.14)

The James Beard Award–winning chef shares a recipe from his new cookbook ...read more


What to Drink at 10 of the Country’s Oldest Bars (9.26.14)

Right now, you can vote for your favorite new bars across the country for F&W’s inaugural People’s Best New Bars award. ...read more


The Evolution of Customer Loyalty (9.19.14)

Tom Colicchio, Mitzi Gaskins, Sean Brock and Stephanie Izard share how they create loyal customers from the 2014 American Express Restaurant Trade Program at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen ...read more


The People's Best New Bars: Southeast Contenders: Husk, Nashville (9.17.14)

The People’s Best New Bars award, presented by Roca Patrón, is Food & Wine’s first-ever poll to rank the most incredible drink destinations in the country. ...read more


The Dish: Sean Brock (9.15.14)

You already know your favorite chefs by the foods they prepare and the restaurants they’ve created. Now, get to know a different side of these culinary masterminds in our weekly The Dish feature. ...read more


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Husk's Sean Brock schools us in fried chicken (8.21.14)

It's Fried Chicken Fortnight: two weeks of hot crunchy chicken talk, recipes & chef tips. ...read more


Nashville: Back in the Spotlight (8.15.14)

Here’s a Nashville story: we’re tucking in to authentic muhammara and makanek near the front entrance at Epice, a Lebanese bistro in the city’s up-and-coming Twelve South neighborhood, when the actress Hayden Panettiere—who plays the upstart young country singer in the ABC series Nashville—walks in. ...read more


100 Best Restaurants in the South (8.12.14)

What To Order: Fried Chicken Skins with hot sauce, honey, and Espelette; The Husk Burger, quite possibly the finest example of a hamburger in the South; ...read more


Nashville word of Mouth: Lisa Donovan, Husk Nashville Pastry Chef (8.8.14)

The Husk Nashville pastry chef is someone whose warmth immediately makes you feel at ease. From the first time we met at her East Nashville home, the soulful conversations easily flowed. Like myself, she constantly tries to find depth in every situation. ...read more


48 Hours in Charleston (6.10.14)

Charleston, also known as “The Holy City” is South Carolina’s oldest and fastest growing city. The peninsula offers a culinary tour de force for foodies, a rich culture dating back to the Colonial era for history buffs, and an array of water activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding for outdoor enthusiasts. ...read more


For rent: No. 5 Faber offers downtown space for wedding receptions, other events (2.25.14)

The first few months of the year are what's referred to in the wedding biz as "bridal Christmas," since so many women who received engagement rings on Christmas, New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day are suddenly in the market for dresses, caterers and reception venues. ...read more


Husk in Charleston, SC, Friday at 8 P.M. (1.14.14)

It's been just over three years since chef Sean Brock opened the doors at his critically acclaimed Charleston restaurant Husk. The restaurant is known for serving sophisticated food that celebrates Southern ingredients and culinary traditions. Brock opened a second location of Husk in Nashville this past May, while in Charleston the original Husk is as busy as ever....read more


Six New Restaurants with Stylish Interiors (1.1.13)

Striking decor and ambitious cuisine converge at these buzz-worthy new eateries around the globe. ...read more


South's Best Bars (1.1.13)

From iconic dives to underground dens, we've been keeping tabs on the South's top-shelf watering holes. Here are our (highly opinionated) 2013 picks. ...read more


Local Restaurateur Phenom David Howard (1.1.13)

Shares his take on the booming yet challenging restaurant industry in the burbs By Elaine LaMontagne He may have been born in Norfolk, England, classically trained in London and six European countries, and worked in multiple American cities upon crossing the sea to fulfill his dreams… but we will warm-heartedly... ...read more


After Crispy Pig Ears, 10 Trends for 2013 (12.31.12)

IN our newly omnivorous nation, restaurant trends often have the same viral spread and short life span as boy bands — witness 2011's crispy pig ears and sea buckthorn berries. Eating around the country on reporting trips in 2012, I saw food lovers everywhere embracing new interpretations of farm-to-table and nose-to-tail as fast as they came along. ...read more


Best Fried Chicken in the U.S. (12.1.12)

Forget the focus on super-secret batter recipes. Star chef Sean Brock is hard at work trying to answer the question, "Just how many fats can chicken be fried in?" Brock's chicken, which is available by reservation only and requires 48 hours notice, is fried in butter, chicken fat, bacon fat and country ham fat. ...read more


Husk Restaurant is Honored for Preservation Efforts (11.12.12)

Husk Restaurant has been named the recipient of the Carolopolis Award and the Robert N.S. and Patti Foos Whitelaw Award from the Preservation Society of Charleston and the Charter Day Foundation, respectively. The two organizations chose to acknowledge the restaurant based on its considerate preservation and renovations of 74 and 76 Queen St. to honor the history of the property, and the city of Charleston. ...read more


McCrady's selected for Nation's Restaurant News' 2012 Fine Dining Hall of Fame (11.12.12)

McCrady's is the oldest restaurant in Charleston, S.C., which in a pre-colonial coastal city means this establishment, on the National Register of Historic Places, can trace its lineage back more than 200 years and count George Washington as a past customer. ...read more


Seanny Comes Marching Home — Chef Sean Brock Bringing Husk to Nashville (10.15.12)

News broke yesterday that James Beard award-winning chef Sean Brock (who dazzled the diners of Nashville before heading to Charleston, S.C.) is bringing the latest outpost of his hugely successful Husk Restaurant to our fair city. Husk, which was named No. 1 on the list of best new restaurants in America by Bon Appetit magazine in 2011, is known for its dedication to farm-to-table cuisine crafted using all Southern ingredients. ...read more


Charleston's Husk Restaurant to open in Nashville (10.15.12)

The Neighborhood Dining Group, a restaurant management group that operates the award-winning Husk Restaurant in Charleston, S.C., has announced plans to open Husk Nashville in the spring.

Chef Sean Brock, a James Beard Award winner and respected hero of farm-to-table and Southern cuisine, will lead the culinary team at the restaurant. ...read more


Husk Restaurant to expand to Nashville (10.14.12)

For 2 1/2 years before coming to Charleston, Sean Brock honed his culinary skills as executive chef at the elegant Hermitage Hotel in Nashville.

Next spring, the award-winning chef at the nation's No. 1 new restaurant in 2011, Husk in downtown Charleston, will return to his old stomping grounds in the country music mecca to set the table for another version of the critically acclaimed fine-dining establishment. ...read more


101 Best Places to Eat: North America (8.13.12)

A French pleasure palace, rock-and-roll noodles, and low-country cookin.' ...read more


Fresh Prince: Charleston Chef Sean Brock Reinvents Southern Cooking (6.10.12)

John T. and I were discussing Sean Brock's arm, the one pictured above. "Five years ago it seemed like every chef in the South was getting a pig tattoo," John T. recalled. "Now they're getting collard-patch half-sleeves and cornfield full-sleeves. The vegetables depicted are heirloom varietals, of course." I have examined Sean's arm in person without touching it in any way, and you can clearly identify pink-striped beets, nicely trimmed baby leeks, little radishes, what look to me to be potato flowers (though I'm no expert on potato flowers), and an ear of corn that may just be purple. Insisting on anatomical accuracy, he took seed catalogs to the tattoo artist he had engaged for his full-sleeve job. ...read more


March Press Updates (4.12.12)

Read what the press has been saying about HUSK and McCrady's Restaurant's.

Download the PDF.


Award-Wining Restauranteur Inspired by Norfolk Childhood (10.7.11)

An upbringing along the picturesque Norfolk coastline provided the perfect inspiration for David Howard, whose latest venture has been rated the best new restaurant in America.

The 53-year-old admits that from the age of nine he wanted to be a chef and set himself the goal of letting his culinary skills take him from Norfolk to the rest of the world. ...read more


Neighborhood Dining Group’s Original Restaurant
CHICAGO’S Celebrates its 20TH Anniversary in Georgia (9.9.11)

20 years after its inception, Chicago’s Restaurant’s enthusiasm and commitment to the future is just as fresh as on its first day in business. With a long term staff (General Manager Jeanne Wittner has been there 19 years) and a devoted clientele, this family-friendly eatery has become a neighborhood institution. Chicago’s is part of Neighborhood Dining Group (NDG)—the restaurant management company behind South Carolina’s Charleston gems McCrady’s and Husk, which have both received glowing accolades from national culinary publications. Most recently, Husk was named the 2011 Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appétit magazine. Chicago’s has been going strong and steady serving it’s loyal customers for two decades,
an accomplishment that brings NDG president David Howard as much pride as any award. ...read more



Bon Appétit magazine's September 2011 issue names HUSK restaurant in Charleston, SC "The Best New Restaurant in America," and prominently features Executive Chef Sean Brock's signature Skillet-Roasted Chicken on the cover. The issue spotlights the magazine's annual Top Ten Restaurants of the Year list. This honor comes as HUSK enters its eleventh month of business in a year marked by tremendous acclaim and media accolades—highlights of which include being named Best New Restaurant in the South by Southern Living (January 2011); a feature story by The New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton (February, 2011), and many others.


"We are humbled to receive such an honor. Our team has worked extremely hard over the last eleven months and this is the ultimate recognition of our efforts," says David Howard, President of Neighborhood Dining Group..

Opened in November 2010, HUSK epitomizes Southern Hospitality through its commitments to Southern foodways and a relaxed dining experience. The farm-to-table restaurant is in housed in a beautifully restored pre-Civil War mansion located in the heart of historic Charleston. The second story piazza, overlooking Queen Street, is one of the Peninsula City's most popular al fresco dining spots. The restaurant's entryway is site of a 10-foot tall blackboard listing every ingredient and its strictly southern supplier (all ingredients used at HUSK must originate south of the Mason Dixon Line)—a locavore philosophy Brock embodies, literally. Easily identifiable by his oft-worn "Make Cornbread Not War" baseball cap and vivid garden patch tattoo that covers his left arm, the 33-year old chef is shaping modern, southern cuisine by revisiting traditional cooking methods and personally propagating heirloom seeds on the brink of extinction at his 1.5-acre plot at Thornhill Farms located in picturesque McClellanville, a fishing hamlet outside of Charleston. HUSK's menus are refreshed daily but feature creative riffs on classic southern foods and antebellum recipes interpreted with proteins indigenous to the region and seasonal local produce.


Chef Sean Brock: ‘I’m proud to be a hillbilly’ (6.28.11)

Chef Sean Brock has a reputation. He chuckles about his collection of moonshine. It is no secret he is a fan of Kentucky bourbon; his friends include Julian Van Winkle of the Frankfort distilling family. He is a compulsive seed-saver, dissatisfied with today’s hybrid vegetables; he seeks out varieties long forgotten, grows them out, and then showcases their beauty, their taste, their sensuality at his restaurants....read more


Interview with Chef Sean Brock – Charleston, SC and a recipe for Hoppin’ John (6.20.11)

How many different varieties of rice can you think of? How about different peas? If you are like most people you will probably be able to name a dozen types of rice and maybe half a dozen types of peas. Would you be surprised to learn that there are over 100,000 varieties of rice, of which 40,000 are cultivated varieties and that Thomas Jefferson cultivated over 20 varieties of peas at Monticello?...read more


On Whiskey and Grease: Pappy Van Winkle (6.16.11)

You never know where you're gonna find the greatest bourbon on the planet. Like last month, I was on a cooking team at a barbecue contest, and one of the guys on it with me was a pretty famous chef. His name is Sean Brock, and his restaurant, Husk, in Charleston, S.C., only serves stuff grown, raised or made below the Mason-Dixon Line....read more


Overfishing: Five Chefs Talk Sustainable Seafood (6.13.11)

This week we asked Sean Brock (Husk, Charleston, SC), Laurent Manrique (Millesime, NYC), Troy Guard (TAG, Denver, CO), Spike Gjerde (Woodberry Kitchen, Baltimore, MD), and Jacob Sessoms (Table, Asheville, NC) to react to the above graphic which shows the degree to which overfishing has affected our oceans. Here's what the chefs had to say:...read more


Eat This Tonight: Heirloom tomato salad, gazpacho, and tomato pie (6.10.11)

Summer is upon us and that means heat, linen, and sunburn. But June also marks the beginning of the local tomato season. No matter how you pronounce it, tomatoes are a summer food staple whether they are sliced, diced, or rested gently atop a fat burger. This week, they were just beginning to harvest tomatoes out on Wadmalaw and Johns Islands, which means the freshest local tomatoes will be showing up on local menus this week....read more


Regional Comfort Food Meets Modern Technique (6.8.11)

Sean Brock is a James Beard Award-winning chef famous for his revolutionary take on Southern cooking. He has two restaurants in Charleston, SC: McCrady’s, which combines classic Southern cooking with new molecular gastronomy techniques, and Husk, which focuses on regional food and draws from Brock’s roots in rural Virginia. Eater.com recently featured Brock’s perspective on the trend of bringing heirloom ingredients and cooking techniques into a modern era.
...read more


Independent We Stand - "Farmers Are Rock Stars." (6.6.11)

...see more


Sean Brock on Bringing the Past into Modern Southern Cuisine (6.6.11)

Yesterday afternoon Sean Brock, chef at Charleston, South Carolina restaurants Husk and McCrady's, made time during his drive through the Appalachians to explain in some detail his goal of bringing back old southern cooking and ingredients. There was much talk of family — of grandma — and of the passion and rigor that mark the soft-spoken chef's "gospel."...read more


The F.E.D. Father's Day Guide (6.11)

Sure dad says spending time with you is the greatest gift to be had. But just in case he secretly hankers for an actual present, we pulled together gift suggestions for all kinds of fathers....read more


The New Seafood Renaissance (6.11)

If you thought overfishing was making the high-end pescatarian meal extinct, think again. A new guard of chefs is creating a welcome breed of sustainable seafood dishes that are as eclectic as they are delicious, and serving them up at a slew of hot restaurants, raw bars, and urban fish shacks. ...read more


Queen Anne's Revenge

It is all about the Pirate and his Ship! Known as the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard, the Pirate, sailed the high seas and ravaged the North and South Carolina coasts! With the latest discovery of the anchor from the ship, it brings to mind one of the finest restaurants in the Southeast. ...read more


Top Sommeliers of 2011 (3.13.11)

Why He Won: He's bringing attention to the importance of terroir by organizing his wines by soil types: alluvial, limestone, gravel and so on. "One of the first things winemakers talk about is soil. So for my list, I busted out my old geology book, looked up all the soil types and organized the wines by those categories." ...read more


Magazine honors local advanced sommelier for innovative wine list at new Husk restaurant (3.12.11)

Like many of his peers, Clint Sloan got a job waiting tables after becoming a student at the College of Charleston. He worked first at Portside Cafe, then at Sticky Fingers, finally graduating into the world of fine dining at McCrady's in 1999....read more


Best New Restaurant (2.15.11)

HUSK Restaurant was proud to win "Best New Restaurant" in the Charleston City Paper's "Best of Charleston". We also took home the following awards; Clint Sloan=Best Sommelier; Sean Brock=Best Chef; and Queen Anne's Revenge=Best Daniel Island Restaurant! ...read more


A Southern Chef Doesn’t Stray Far (2.9.11)

SEAN BROCK is a Virginia boy who attended the Johnson & Wales cooking school on this beautiful, historic peninsula where the Civil War began, moved around the South in apprenticeship, and in 2006 returned as the executive chef at McCrady’s, the city’s oldest restaurant. Late last year, amid a marsh fire of publicity that continues to roar, he opened a large and lavishly appointed new one, Husk, devoted to the excellence and promise of Southern ingredients...read more


Working Both Ends of Farm to Table (2.9.11)

SEAN BROCK’S obsession with the South’s culinary heritage grew out of frustration. When he took over McCrady’s in 2006, he was unable to get the variety and quality of local food he wanted, so he decided to see what he could do himself...read more


The South's Best New Restaurants (2.1.11)

The archetype of what chef Sean Brock does best: heirloom Southern food prepared with a connoisseur’s sensibility and a deft culinary touch...read more


A great chef considers the Old Fashioned (1.24.11)

CHARLESTON, S.C. — “You sure you don’t want a cocktail?”
Sean Brock, the executive chef at Husk Restaurant, proposed the question for the third time, and so it seemed I should finally accept.
Brock, who was named the best chef in the Southeast by the James Beard Foundation last year for his work at McCrady’s restaurant (where he continues to serve as executive chef), recently opened Husk in a renovated house in downtown Charleston...read more


Does Husk live up to the hype and prove that the South's food is the best in the world? (1.12.11)

It's safe to say that the opening of Husk has been the most anticipated and hyped of any new Charleston restaurant in years. The buzz around this venture from the Neighborhood Dining Group, which also operates McCrady's and Queen Anne's Revenge, has been driven by the growing celebrity of Executive Chef Sean Brock, who has headed the kitchen at McCrady's since 2006 and took home the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southeast in 2010...read more


Eating Out: The magic of McCrady's (1.10.11)

On Friday, without an intern to rely on, I spent the afternoon contacting chefs around town to find out what was on the specials menu for our weekly Eat This Tonight feature. It's really a bad idea for me to do such a thing. I'm far too easily swayed. A few text messages swapped with McCrady's Chef Sean Brock and I was already considering changing out of my pajamas (I work from home on Fridays) and heading downtown for a decadent plate of truffles and eggs. I had almost talked myself out of going when I showed my husband a picture of the dish, and he said, "Let's go!"...read more


The Neighborhood Dining Group raises money for Haiti-- Charleston CVB (2.10.10)

Due to the overwhelming support of the community and the matching funds of The Neighborhood Dining Group ownership team, $24,000 was raised for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund between January 15 and January 30, 2010. McCrady’s, Queen Anne’s Revenge and The Buccaneer in Charleston and Chicago’s in Roswell, Georgia, all participated in the fundraising efforts...read more


HUSK Opens! - (11.08.10)

Spearheaded by Executive Chef Sean Brock, Husk is a refined interpretation of ingredients sourced only from the South – in the words of Chef Brock, “If it ain’t Southern, it ain’t walkin’ in the door.” Leading the restaurant’s day-to-day operations is Chef de Cuisine, Travis Grimes. A native of Charleston, Chef Grimes has worked at McCrady’s since 2003, helping to elevate the restaurant to one of the most-watched establishments in the country. Chef Grimes runs the Husk kitchen and oversees the menu, working closely with Chef Brock to ensure the menu’s authenticity and commitment to traditional Southern techniques is upheld.
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